Hey Lisa, Dress #1748A sold.  Thanks for the awesome service!
Sheilah Petrosky, USA. 7th December 2015.

Dear Lisa, Our dress sold! We are so pleased. Thank you for your work and maintaining a great website.
Jane Montague, USA. 7th December 2015.

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know that Dress 1808B is sold. The buyer confirmed last night that it was perfect! YAY!  I think your front page is what
sold it! Anyways, I have another dress that I am going to measure and take pictures and send to you shortly. Thanks so much.
Denise McGuiggan, USA. 8th November 2015.

Hi Lisa, Many thanks, dress 540A sold just a day after listing! Delighted, thanks again.
Sharon Elliott, Australia. 5th November 2015.

I just wanted to let you know that, thanks to your website, the dress is now sold. The Oireachtas Super Sale section was a great idea and I believe
helped with finding our dress a new home.  Thank you for providing this great service.
Eileen Fitzgerald, USA. 30th October 2015.

Hi Lisa, Wanting to advise that my dress -1467C- has sold. This is my last dress to be sold as my daughter no longer dances, I'd like to thank-you for
all your assistance over the years. I've sold a number of dresses on your site over the many years my daughters were dancing and it has been a
seamless process.
Glen Ryan, Australia. 17th October 2015.

Lisa, Please remove this dress from your website as it has sold.  Thanks so much!!  I love dance-again!
Jill Strasser, USA. 16th October 2015.

Our dress is now sold! I've sold every dress we've had for the past 4 years on your site and every time they've sold within weeks and to another
Erica Timewell, UK. 30th September 2015.

Hi Lisa, Could you mark this dress #1143C as sold please. Thanks so much. Very pleased to have a quick and successful sale. (Dress listed 15th
Alison Smith, Australia. 20th September 2015.

I just wanted to let you know that our dress is sold and the sale is now final! Your site is great with all the advice you give, and it's easy to use and
find dresses. I like the way it’s organized. Our dress listing is #1119A. Letting you know so you can mark it SOLD and remove the listing. Thank you
so much. We’ll use your site to list again.
Deborah Nead-Work, USA. 18th September 2015.

Hi Lisa, Could you please mark 1607B as sold. Thank you for your great web-site. I have sold other designs and they all told me that they heard
about me from Dance Again.
Rula Clint (Designs by Rula Clint), USA. 3rd September 2015.

Hi Lisa, Our dress has a firm sale. Please change "Pending Sale " to "SOLD"! Again (4th time) your site worked for us and with mixed emotions we
say thank you and a fond farewell as dd is retired.  
Sharon Clark-Gamus, Canada. 31st August 2015.

Hello Lisa, We have loved using your website to sell our dress. It has been sold and we would like it to be removed from the site as we are still getting
emails about it. Thanks again for all the help!
Alicen Puebla, USA. 26th August 2015.

Hi Lisa! Luck!  Dress 1850A is SOLD!!!  Can you please mark it accordingly?  I don't know about others, but I have great luck with your site. It may
take a while, but I LOVE Dance Again!Price it right. Be patient and things will sell.
Penny Curran, USA. 23rd August 2015.

Hi Lisa. Dress is sold!  Thanks for your help. Can't believe I sold it so quickly!  (dress sold in 5 days).
Jeanette Foley, USA. 10th August 2015.

Just to let you know my dress has sold and can you update  the details on the website. Thanks for all of your help, will definitely be recommending
this website.
Cathy Mcloughlin, England. 27th July 2015.

Thanks again for your great website! We have sold our dress today so very happy.
Lisa Phillips-Hogg, New Zealand. 26th July 2015.

Thanks to your website dress 811B is sold. I had so much interest from your website - thank you! I have just submitted 2 more  dresses earlier today
to sell.
Regina Fitzsimons, USA. 19th July 2015.

Hi Lisa, This dress has been sold. Thank you so much! The buyer sent inquiry within 1 hour of the ad being up on your site!
Kathryn Abbatiello, USA. 12th June 2015.

Hi Lisa, Very pleased to say this dress is now sold to a child in Vienna! Many thanks and will definitely recommend your site to others.
Nuala McNorton, UK. 9th June 2015.

Just letting you know that my green Gavin Doherty dress (X1519) has now been sold through your website. You provide a fantastic service with the
Dance-Again site and it's definitely the best for buying and selling dresses! With thanks!
Sarah Purnell, Australia. 7th June 2015.

Hi Lisa, Our dress #823C sold!!  Someone in the town right next to us!  Couldn't have gone smoother!  Thanks so much!!
Colleen MacVarish, USA. 4th June 2015.

Hi Lisa just to let you know that our dress sold last week and should  be removed from your site. Thank you for all your help with listing my two
dresses, both of which are now gone!!!!!!!!
Carol Lebreux, Canada. 21st May 2015.

Hi Lisa, Just shipped out the 4th of the 5 dresses I have listed on the DanceAgain site. Today's sale was for 1429B (red dress), sold to Koko's School
of Irish Dance in Japan for adults. I got the price I was asking in the form of an international money order, and was able to get shipping down to her
budget max of $80 via the US Postal Service. I'm getting pretty good at packaging dresses - thank you for the very complete instructions. Again, Lisa,
your site is awesome, thank you.  
Joyce Burke, USA. 17th May 2015.

Dress 1437B has sold.  Thank you once again for the great service!
Mary-Beth Henry, USA. 15th April 2015.

Hi Lisa, Dress sold - Yay. Thanks again for everything, Dance-again is awesome.
Margie Brennan, Australia. 16th March 2015.

I just wanted to let you know that I have sold our dress! Thank you for all of your assistance and for providing such a great site.
Susan Klauber, Australia. 13th March 2015.

My dress (253A) sold! Thank you for having a such a professional and trustworthy site to sell our dresses!  
Heather Cobbey, USA. 13th March 2015.

Our dress has sold. Thank you for listing it so quickly, I was happy as I sold it 2 hours after it going live!
Christine Anthony, UK. 3rd March 2015.

Hi Lisa, The dress is sold!  Thank you for your dedicated work to the site! I've been trying to sell it for years at feiseanna but never had any luck until
Yasmine Zakout, USA. 19th February 2015.

Hi Lisa, Just letting you know that we sold our dress - using your site once again! Thank you so very much for your support and we look forward to
listing with you again:) Many thanks.
Alison Sutherland, Canada. 17th February 2015.

Thank you very much. I have successfully sold my dress listed on your website. I have been singing your praises all over my club so I hope more
business comes your way. Thank you very much for your professionalism and helpful hints.
Bonita Gerry, Australia. 14th February 2015.

I was wondering if you could please put a “SALE PENDING” banner across dress 1412A as I have a buyer who is sending me a bank cheque today
(from Canada) by courier. I have had a number of serious enquiries on the dress and the Canada buyer has asked that I take it “off the market” as
they have confirmed they wish to buy it. I will advise when the sale actually goes through so you can remove it from the Dance Again site. Again,
thank you for such an easy process to list and sell our dress!
Therese Crammond, Australia. 10th February 2015.

Hi Lisa, good news! The dress has been sold! I had 4 genuine enquiries off your site from Australia, the UK and US, and it’s now gone to Townsville
so we will probably see it again! We will be back in contact soon for the next one, Thanks again.
Kathie Kindred, Australia. 8th February 2015.

I'm happy to say that our dress has finally sold.  We're so pleased that it's found a little girl who will enjoy it as much as our daughter did. You may
remove it from the website. We have another dress that we'll be selling once her new dress arrives in May, and we'll definitely be using Dance Again
for that one. Thanks!
Jen Groszkowski, USA. 5th February 2015.

I have sold dress 1227A to someone who found the dress from this website. We are thrilled it has a new owner. Thank you again for running this
website!!! You can mark the dress as SOLD.  
Angela Nieberding, USA. 4th February 2015.

Hi Lisa, I have sold my daughters dress #219B. Many thanks to your web site, I had it listed on many but only got quality inquiries from yours.
Tanya Blonk, Australia. 22nd January 2015.
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