I have been asked several times for advice on the best way to arrange payment for an item bought through my site that needs to be sent by mail.
After much thought and through my own experience of selling dresses to overseas buyers, I have come up with what I think is the ideal way to conduct
your transaction.
If you have any questions about sending/receivng payments, please do not hesitate to email me.

Cheque Payments

1. Always ask for a bank cheque/cashiers cheque. If sending your item to another country, ask the buyer to go to their bank and get an International
bank cheque in your currency, this way you will not be affected if exchange rates change from when the cheque is written to when you cash it
, and
you will also not be charged fees by the bank to cash a foreign currency cheque. Accept a personal cheque at your own risk, if this is the only
option, make sure that the cheque has fully cleared before sending your
costume. Please note that foreign currency cheques can sometimes take
months to clear as once you deposit it into your account, your bank sends it back to it's country of issue to clear.

2. The buyer must always send full payment first, only when you receive the cheque and it clears do you send the

3. Once the buyer receives the
costume, they try it on and let you know right away if it fits or not.

4. If they are happy to keep the
costume, no further action is needed. Yay!

5. If for some reason they are not happy they must first send the
costume back. When you receive it in the same condition in which it was sent, you
then return their payment, less any shipping fees incurred by you.

6. The buyer should always pay for the postage so that the seller is not out of pocket if the sale doesn't go through.


Warning: Use PayPal at your own risk. If the buyer receives the dress and informs PayPal that it is not as described, they will take the money back
from you first and ask questions later. Paypal does not take in to account that you may have advertised the dress as final sale. Even if the dress is
exactly as described, PayPal will still take the money back and it is up to you to prove otherwise.

Knowing this, if you would still like to use Paypal...

Paypal payments are done online by credit card or bank account debit. You can open a free personal account that accepts payment
from a bank
lance and is free of fees or an account that can accept payments from credit cards, however there are fees for this service of around 3.5% of the
payment received. PayPal changes its fees and conditions periodically, please read
their terms and conditions so that you are aware of all fees
before proceeding.
Click here to go to my PayPal help page.

Follow the payment advice above and just hold the payment in your Paypal account until the sale is final. If the money needs to be returned, it is
easy to process a refund via the Paypal website.
Paypal also returns any fees charged if you do a refund, so you will not be out of pocket.

Direct Bank Deposit/Transfer

Direct deposit is another great way of transferring money locally or overseas. The buyer will need to know the account details of the seller, such as
the banks full name and address, the account number, BSB or SWIFT
code and the full name that the account is held under. The buyer can only
deposit, they can not withdraw. If you are unsure, use an account with not much money in it or a child's account and withdraw the money as soon as
it is deposited. Several buyers/sellers have told me that they have successfully used direct deposit and I have also used it myself several times. The
money shows up quickly in the account, allowing the dress/item to be sent straight away, no waiting for cheques to arrive.

Direct deposit can usually be done at home via internet banking, or if you are unsure, go into your bank branch and the staff there will pr
ocess the
transfer for you. Please contact your bank and double check on what fees you may be charged if receiving a deposit from overseas.

Before sending money to anyone, anywhere, please read my  Scams Page.
Payment Advice
I just wanted to let you know that I have sold my dress. I sold it to someone in Canada and the instructions you have on your site for payment, packaging and
shipping were great. I followed your directions and told the buyer that is what we would go by. It was very easy and I am so happy it has found a nice home!
Cathleen Newman, USA. 2nd May 2011.
Before agreeing to a sale, make your return policy clear.
If you will not accept the item back, you must let the buyer know as this may affect their decision to buy.
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