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1806A Gavin red traditional dress has been sold! Thanks Lisa, we have sold all our dresses with your help! FANTASTIC!!! Happy New Year!
Tammi O'Neill, USA. 29th December 2016.

Thanks for your wonderful help over the years. I have sold all my dresses through your site over the last 16 years. I hope you have a fabulous Xmas
and New Year!
Suellen Yung, Australia. 5th December 2016.

Thanks for your helpful emails over the last couple of months. You were right about the email that I had received (from Japan) which I was
suspicious about but it turned out to be completely legitimate and that person has purchased the dress. I will recommend your site highly to other
potential customers.
Frances O'Connor, Ireland. 18th November 2016.

Just letting you know my dress has now been sold. It has gone to an American lady who sent a cheque. I was waiting for it to arrive and clear, which
it now has.
Thanks again for your help. I had so much interest from your website and received 2 firm offers and several other enquiries I had to turn
away. Hence the ‘sale pending’ request. Thanks again.  Much appreciated!
Donna Griffin, Australia. 14th November 2016.

Hi Lisa, I sold my dress: #1809B! We got an offer within 2 days of the dress being posted! This is the best website I have ever used to sell/buy a
used dress on! I just bought a dress and sold one on this site in the same week! Thank you so very much.
Kenna Sandblast, USA. 24th October 2016.

I'm happy to report that our dress (1005A) sold this week. The buyer found us via our Dance-Again ad. Interestingly, though, she is a dancer at our
school in a nearby city. A worldwide site and our buyer is a couple of hours away at the same school. It took us a few days to figure that out!
Thank you so much for your help!
Julianne Wise, USA. 5th October 2016.

Hi Lisa- the dress is now SOLD!!! Amazingly, I got an email the day after you posted the dress, and a PayPal payment 24 hours later....and it arrived
in the US today and it's sold! Thanks so much.
Mary Eisenhauer, Canada. 22nd September 2016.

Just to let you know that our dress has sold. Thank you for the service and all the useful information you provided at every step.
I was wary of using an online ad but I am very happy with the result and would use your site again. Many thanks.
Mary Queally, Canada. 4th September 2016.

Wow, our dress #1905A was sold in less than 24 hours of being posted on your website. It was a very quick and smooth transaction. The buyer sent
an email saying she and her daughter were very pleased with the dress. Thanks Dance-Again!
Loan Hutton, USA.3rd September 2016.

Will you please mark the dress "sale pending". We mailed it to Vermont this morning. The buyer saw the dress on day one when you posted it!!
Nancy Welborn, USA. 15th July 2016.

Hi Lisa, The dress is now sold (in one day). Thank you so much. As usual there will be a few upset dancers as I had 3 buyers. I had to go in order of
first contact and they bought it. I feel so bad for the others. Thanks again.
Cathy Rawlings, England. 9th July 2016.

Hi Lisa, Please mark dress #1445B as sold. I can confirm that it was the listing on dance-again that connected me with the buyer.
Sandra Quinn, Canada. 20th June 2016.

Hi Lisa, I recently sold this dress so you can remove it. Thank you for this site to sell used dresses, we used it a lot during our years of dance.
Colleen Henderson, USA. 20th June 2016.

Lisa, I can’t believe it – but I just sold the last dress I had on your site for the full purchase price, so could you please put a sold sign over the dress?
I ended up having 3 people wanting it in the end – all from the US, so now I need to send it to New York when the funds clear! Thanks so much.
Jane Cunneen, Australia. 27th May 2016.

Hi Lisa, I have a buyer for the vest. Please mark it sold. Great service!  Thank you! (vest listed 23rd May)
Kathie Gatens, USA. 25th May 2016.

Our dress is SOLD :)!!!!  Yay. Thank you for your website, it did the trick.
David Bice, USA. 22nd May 2016.

Hi Lisa, All of my for sale dresses have sold on your site, including 1505A which sold yesterday. We always encourage our dancers to use your site.
Leeann Doyle TCRG, New Zealand. 21st May 2016.

Hi Lisa, I wish to inform you that Dress 579A has now sold! I think that the reduced price, better photo  and sale position on your site have all helped.
Mary McMahon, Australia. 18th May 2016.

Hey there Lisa, I have sold my daughters dress. Thank you I have always had great luck on your website!
Trish Garry, USA. 28th April 2016.

Our dress is sold! Thanks! Looking forward to using your services in the future- all our dresses that needed to sell were sold!
Michelle Santin, Canada. 14th April 2016.

Hi Lisa, Our Gavin sold yesterday!!! I was contacted last weekend by a mother who saw our listing on Dance Again and contacted me. We agreed
on $1100 and met up yesterday to finalize the sale. Thank you SO much for sharing your experience and wisdom. Your website is such a great
resource for Irish dance families.
Bernadette Martin, USA. 4th April 2016.

I'm happy to say that my dress sold via your site! I will be posting another one soon, especially with your new lower price!
Julie Boyles, USA. 26th March 2016.

Hi Lisa, Can you please list the school dresses as sold for me. Thank you for your site, it really makes life easier for everyone having a service like
this to use to sell and buy dresses through.
Jane Goddard, Australia. 14th March 2016.

Hi Lisa, My dress #1914A has sold. We were nervous organising the payment and also packing and sending the dress. First time we have ever sold
anything on line. Thanks for you service. It's amazing to think that the dress was made in Ireland, sent to Australia and then sold to a dancer in
America! Thanks again.
Sinead Foran, Australia. 2nd March 2016.

Thank you for listing dress 1902b we sold it very quickly. Thanks again I will definitely recommend you.
Melanie McGurren, Scotland. 1st March 2016.

Congratulations on 15 years and your great service over the years, you have been a God send.
Lucy - Celtic Art Designs, Canada. 24th February 2016.

Hi Lisa, I'm delighted to say that our dress (ref 1005a) is now sold after a very short time after being listed on your site. I'm just waiting on the
payment through and it's on its way then to New York from N.Ireland! Thank you for all your help..
And btw I bought the green white and gold dress you'd just listed made my Maureen McHugh too, again all thanks to your site!!
Laura Duffy, N.Ireland. 19th February 2016.

Hi Lisa, I am having real luck selling dresses with you at the moment! This one is now gone too! To the US as well- so I am having lots of experiene
in packing up dresses now for overseas postage. I couldn't do all my selling without you!
Jane Cuneen, Australia. 18th February 2016.

Thank you for your email! I still haven't gone online to check my listing, but it must look fine since I've already received an email from an interested
buyer!! Thank you so much for everything you do to maintain this site. I've had such good luck with selling my dresses from your site, and I hope my
luck continues with this dress.
Donna Getcliffe, USA. 18th February 2016.

Congratulations! (15 year anniversary) And thanks for your help in selling over 200 dresses for me over the years!
Mary Skotnicki, Australia. 12th February 2016.

Hi Lisa, FYI - I have now sold the blue vest (Elevation Designs). Love the quick sales! I have someone emailing me currently about the other one!
Fingers crossed.
Kath Clark, Australia. 12th February 2016.

Hi Lisa, I am pleased to let you know that our green and white dress 1413A has now sold and has arrived safely at its new home in the US. The sale
was straight forward and the new owners love it! Thank you for all your help!
Jenny McCullough, Australia. 7th February 2016.

Hi Lisa - just letting you know that dress #934B is sold - yay!! Thanks for your great service - be in touch next time.
Clare Collis, Australia. 23rd January 2016.

Hi Lisa, Just letting you know that dress 1470A is sold. I think it is the quickest I’ve ever sold one! Thank you for your help listing it on your site.
Jane Goddard, Australia. 18th January 2016.
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