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Hi Lisa, Great news that my dress 1486A has sold. Thank you again for all of your assistance with this process. This was my second dress sold on
your site.. Both selling experiences went perfectly-and I really appreciated the shipping instructions that I used for this most recent sale. Thanks!
Jori Greybill, USA. 26th October 2017.

Hi Lisa, I’ve sold dress 1816A. Thank you so much for your help. I’ve received payment and I’ve got a residential address to ship the dress to so I
don’t need to worry about the PO Box issue. Again, thank you for all you’ve done.
Debbie Rackerby, USA. 22nd September 2017.

Hi, my dress #865A (Red Rose Gavin) just sold today. Thank you so much for your wonderful website that made it easy to sell!
Michelle Casey, USA. 7th September 2017.

Lisa, Thank you for your suggestions about this dress. I followed your advise (as you know because you made the changes for me) and have
already sold it. It was a buyer outside the ID world. She teaches all kinds of dance but she didn’t balk about the price, she loves it and we are so
happy to have it in someone’s hands who will love it as much as our daughter did.
Avis Hoyt-O'Connor, USA. 6th September 2017.

Please mark my daughter's dress as sold, 1767 A (coral pink dress.) Thank Goodness!!! Thanks yet again. I think this is about 8 to 10 dresses
we've sold through Dance-Again!
Cathy deCampos, USA. 31st August 2017.

Just letting you know that we FINALLY sold our dress  #1616B, so you can change or remove the advertisement. Thanks so much for all your help
with price changes and what not! Love your site!
Leah Pereira, USA. 23rd August 2017.

Hi, I wanted to let you know my dress sold! It was an enquiry from your site. Thank you again for your awesome service!
Marilyn Stella, USA. 14th August 2017.

Hi Lisa, this dress is sold. Thankyou for your great website.. it never fails!!
Karen Foley, Australia. 5th August 2017.

Hi Lisa, The dress sold!  I had it listed in several places, but it sold through your website. Thank you!
Becky Vittone, USA. 3rd August 2017.

Just got my daughter's new dress, it fits perfectly and the seller was amazing to deal with. Made the process so easy and comfortable.
Thank you again.
Kathryn Gislason, Canada. 2nd August 2017.

Your site is wonderful! I've had this dress listed on Facebook and other sites for months with no real interest. Then I list it on here and it sold so
quickly! Thank you so much!!
Cathey Ihms, USA. 27th July 2017.

Hi Lisa, I am thrilled to tell you that I sold our dress! Thanks for this service you offer - it is much appreciated!
Shelagh Benning, Canada. 21st July 2017.

Our Taylor dress sold in 1 day! I should have asked a higher price! :) Thank you.
Meg Hagan, USA. 17th May 2017.

Hi Lisa, I sold a dress! 222A - bought by it's original owner. Super cool. Thanks for your help.
Tara Holmgren, Canada. 15th April 2017.

Hi Lisa, Just advising that our dress has been sold via a local/Australian enquiry on Dance Again. I have another dress for sale and will list it with you
after Easter. Thank you for your excellent service.
Tamara Sharkey, Australia. 8th April 2017.

Hi Lisa, This is just to let you know to remove this dress from your site as it is sold. The buyer loves it, and I was surprised at how delighted I was that
the dress would “Dance Again”. It was only then that I realized how appropriate your website name is. Thank you for your well run site, and for all the
advice about packaging. It was an International sale, and the dress arrived with the box wet and torn but the dress perfectly intact.
Jenny Williams, Australia. 6th March 2017.

Hi Lisa, Our dress has now sold through your site. Again another successful sale through danceagain.  We recommend your site to all our Irish
dancing friends. Many thanks.
Patricia Lenaghan, England. 2nd March 2017.

Hi Lisa, Can you please remove the listing as the dress has now sold – it sold within ten days of being on your page with lots of interest from people
despite me having it on other pages since late November with little or no interest. Will definitely use dance again in the future and will recommend to
all the dance mums.
Lee Gault, Scotland. 23rd January 2017.
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