If you sometimes find that you click on a dress ad and the wrong dress comes up or you have your ad updated but don't see the
changes, refresh your screen and this will force your computer to look for the newest version of the page. Some computers are set
to store pages that you visit frequently so that each time you go back it will load faster using the stored page. This is fine for pages
that don't change very often, but with the site being constantly updated you can change your computers settings so that it looks for
the newest version of a page every time you visit this and any other site.

If you use Internet Explorer, please follow the simple steps below. If you use a different browser, you should be able to use Google
to search for "clear temporary internet files Firefox" for example.
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Open up Internet Explorer and click on Tools at the top of your screen.
Then click Internet Options.
Click Settings.
Select Every time I visit the webpage.
Click OK.
You will then be taken back to the first Internet Options box. Now
you can clear any stored pages that your computer is holding on to.

Click delete, nothing will be deleted yet, you will be taken to
another box.
Select Temporary Internet Files. Nothing important will be removed
from your computer, just old saved versions of web pages that you
have visited that your computer holds in a temporary file.
Click Delete
Lastly, click OK and you are done!
If you have any questions or concerns about anything shown above,
please don't hesitate to
email me.
Update: On newer versions
of Internet Explorer, the
tools button has changed
to a little cog wheel.