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Shipping Costs
The links below are to be used as a guide only. You will need to know exactly what the packaged item weighs. Click on the
link for the country your dress or items are being sent from. To work out the postage amount in your own currency click
the button below.
Click on the coutry your package is being sent from. Each site has a "postage calculator' where you can enter your details.






New Zealand

Or for world wide services

Pack & Send (for packages sent from Australia)

Parcel Monkey UK




Worldwide Parcel Services

Beware of hidden charges, such as customs duty and brokerage fees. In particularly when using UPS. I have more info
regarding customs duty
here. As the "importer", the buyer is responsible for paying these fees.
Approximate weights

Solo dress 6-8 pounds/2.7-3.6kg

Hard Shoes 1.5pounds/750g

Soft Shoes 10.5ounces/300g

Please use these weights as a guide only. I have added extra weight to each item to cover packaging.
The size and weight of each item will vary depending on the type of packaging used.
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